What is Farm Fare game?

Farm Fare is an incredible Augmented Reality community gaming event that spawns across the three counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire from 9th April until 14th June 2020. There are unique rare breed farm animals dotted across the three counties at different locations, some business, some schools, colleges and community groups. The app will be free to download on both Apple and Android appstores. This unique game enables local people and tourists to explore and enjoy the different locations in the cities while collecting different unique farm animals and all the inventory and food they need to care for the animals in a beautiful farm they build within the game. Players compete against each other by collecting, caring and rehoming these animals. The players reigning at the top of the leaderboard by the time of the Royal Three Counties show on 12-14 June 2020 will have the chance to win some amazing prizes including an iPad.

When is it available on the app stores?

The app will be available free to download on both Apple and Android appstores from 9th April 2020. The app will be officially launched at the event of Countrytastic in the Royal Three Counties Showground. More information https://www.royalthreecounties.co.uk/whats-on/farm-fare/

How to play the game?

Farm Fare is location-based augmented reality mobile game. Although the game can be played anywhere, all the special locations to collect rare breed farm animals are dotted across different locations in the three counties of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. These locations can be business locations, schools or community centres.

Player needs to go to all these locations to collect all the rare breed farm animals, build their own farm, feed the animals and care for them and compete to become the farming champion at the Royal Three Counties Show 12-14 June 2020.

How can I get involved?

Businesses, community groups and education establishments are invited to sponsor the virtual farm animal. There is a range of 20 different rare breed animals to choose from.

Schools and young groups can also take part in fun educational creative activities surrounding the subjects of rare breed farm animals, their history, facts and the history of three counties. Lots of resources with fun ideas and creative templates will be provided to those who chose to join in the fun.

Who is behind Farm Fare?

Gamar Ltd. (www.gamar.com) is producing and creating Farm Fare in partnership with The Three Counties Show 2020.

How is it being funded?

Businesses and educational partners are invited to fund the Farm Fare game and the gaming event by purchasing sponsorship packages. Sponsorship is a business development opportunity offering the chance for companies to raise their profile, gain access to new customers and generate sales and realise their corporate social responsibility. It is also an amazing opportunity to be a part of a fun filled family friendly community event that promotes well being, education and entertainment.