#MeettheAnimals COTSWOLD SHEEP

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

HEIGHT 79 - 85cm
WEIGHT 81 - 159kg
RARITY 900 - 1500 

Golden fleece


Cotswold Sheep are descendants of the many breeds of long coated sheep that were first introduced to the UK by the Romans, around 2000 years ago. By the middle ages the Cotswold Sheep had become the centre of the wool trade for their golden fleece. The wool trade was very important to the development of many areas of the UK, especially in the areas of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire. Gloucestershire Cathedral is said to have been built by the wool trade.


Cotswold Sheep’s golden fleece gave them the historical name ’Cotswold Lion’. Cotswold Sheep thrive when in large meadows with good pasture, they also love eating hay, pellets, and fresh vegetables. One of their key features is their stylish fringe, which is usually left after shearing. This not only gives them a distinctive look, but also shows the quality of their coat. To learn more: Cotswold Sheep Society.

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