#MeetTheAnimals SHIRE HORSE

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

HEIGHT 163 - 173cm
WEIGHT 850 - 1100 kg

"Gentle giants that fit for the brave medieval Knights


Shire horses are the largest breed of horse as descendants of the English Great Horse, which were bred to support knights wearing heavy armour. As warfare changed large horses were no longer needed in battle. They were initially used for pulling carts in farm work, replacing oxen as they were much faster and smarter. As the Industrial Revolution arrived they were used to pull barges along canals transporting goods. As technology improved and machinery replaced animals in trade the number of Shire Horses has declined and they are now a protected species.


Shire horses are extremely docile, calm, and friendly, making them very popular for horse owners. Their history means they also enjoy hard work and aren’t easily spooked by loud noises. They love living in wide, open spaces and eating hay and fresh vegetables. To learn more: Shire Horse Society.

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